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Key Transportation Projects

Transportation installations such as ports, airports, railway stations, and bus stations are all complex facilities that require a high number of people, goods, and vehicles to transit through quickly and safely, throughout the year.

Depending on the mode of transportation and destinations multi-layered security areas may include public areas, ticketed passenger areas, immigration control areas, boarding areas, restricted operational areas, and transport equipment areas. 

AES security systems engineers consider each site based on the required area control and build a solution based around an integrated command center which enables increasing levels of protection and control over each security area. 

Passenger management may include turnstiles, video surveillance and alarmed emergency exits. Operational personnel areas require a higher level of access control adding card or biometric readers and increased security barriers such as reinforced doors. Finally equipment areas may require vehicle barriers and specialized fencing.

Freight and container areas may need additional enhancements such as container tracking systems and vehicle licence plate readers. 

AES has provided Integrated Security Solutions in Thailand and South East Asia since 1992, for a large number of high profile clients. Key projects are listed here.


• Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited (AOT)
• Satellite Airport Terminal-1 (SAT-1), Suvarnabhumi Airport
• Bangkok Airways
• MRTA Blue Line Depot and Extension
• Siemens Thailand (Airport Rail Link) • SRT Airport Rail Link (Bangkok)
• SRT Red Line Mass Transit System

Education Integrated Security Solutions - Protecting Our Future Leaders
Government Integrated Security Solutions - Protecting our nation's assets


• Phnom Penh International Airport
• Siem Reap International Airport
• Sihanoukville International Airport


• Wattay (Vientiane) International Airport