AES Group employs a team of highly competent industry experts and engineers to equip a diverse pool of clients with integrated, turnkey security services that meet distinct facility needs resulting in first-rate customer satisfaction and future relations.

Key prisons and Correctional Facility Projects

Prisons and correctional facilities span the range from Minimum, Low, Medium to Max and Super Max security levels. These facilities have the unique security requirement of keeping inmate population inside while controlling the access and safety of staff and visitors.

AES  integrated security design experts apply time-tested strategies and leading technological solutions to keep prisons and correctional facilities as safe and secure as possible. We draw on the expertise of some of the world’s top security system manufacturers including Gallagher, Senstar, and Gunnebo. Gallagher besides being used to control access can also be used to control the prisons cell doors instead of the legacy PLC systems. in addition Gallagher provides access control devices as well as electrified fencing for secure perimeters. Senstar solutions address perimeter detection and monitoring through specialized sensors and video analytics software.

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• Koh Bin Supermax Facility Prison
• Phitsanulok Provincial Prison
• Rayong Supermax Facility Prison