AES Group employs a team of highly competent industry experts and engineers to equip a diverse pool of clients with turnkey integrated security solutions that meet distinct Healthcare Facility needs resulting in first-rate customer satisfaction and future relations.

Key healthcare Projects

Healthcare facilities have the dual tasks of protecting and segregating critical areas while maintaining the environment of comfort and ease of navigation for patients and visitors. The “patient experience” can be as important as any prescribed protocol or medicine.

Comprehensive physical design during new construction or major renovation is important to creating a safe and secure environment in a cost effective manner. AES has decades of experience assisting architectural and design teams in placing non-invasive cameras and access control devices to support maximum flow of patients, visitors and hospital personnel while maintaining secured areas such as pharmacies, laboratories, nurseries, and mental health wards. We recommend Gallagher Command Center in full turnkey systems which provides features to seamlessly integrate all electronic security subsystems and reporting connections with facility systems such as fire protection, HVAC, electrical systems.

Each healthcare facility has specific requirements depending on the services offered, AES engineering is available to assist in your planning and design.


• King Chulalongkorn Memorial Hospital
• Nonthavej Hospital
• Rama 9 Hospital
• Rachaphruek Hospital
• Siriraj Hospital