Education Projects

AES Group employs a team of highly competent industry experts and engineers to equip a diverse pool of clients with integrated, turnkey security services that meet the specialized needs of educational institutions resulting in first-rate customer satisfaction and future relations.

Key Education Facility Projects

School and educational facility security has been at the forefront for more than a decade. The threat is no longer just theft or burglaries. The system must protect the faculty and the students from any type of threat. It’s more important than ever to implement a fully integrated security system in a school facility to ensure only those that only authorized students and staff enter the secure environment. From turnstiles, and biometrics to electronic keys, AES can provide the right solutions for your school or educational facility. AES can integrate the student database and class roster schedule for integration with the Access Cardholder Database and integration with the classrooms to turn lock/unlock classrooms, and turn air condition/lighting on/off, ensuring safety and saving energy costs. Muster stations can be used in cases of emergency evacuation to ensure everyone is safe.   

AES provides turnkey integrated security solutions that deliver a multi-layer security system to protect the most vulnerable in society, inside a place where they should feel the most secure. A lone, singular approach to security in a school is no longer the answer.

AES has worked with multiple educational facilities within Thailand and Southeast Asia. Using our leading-edge security supply partners, we provide a security solution to match your detailed needs, protecting your institution, students, and staff.


• Harrow International School Bangkok
• International Community School (ICS)
• International School Bangkok (ISB)
• NIST International School
• Shrewsbury International School

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Education Integrated Security Solutions - Protecting Our Future Leaders


• International School of Phnom Penh


• Pasteur Institute