Commercial Projects

AES Group employs a team of highly qualified industry experts and engineers to equip a diverse pool of clients with turnkey integrated security systems that meet corporate needs resulting in first-rate customer satisfaction and future relations.

Key Commercial Projects

Finding the correct security solution for a commercial business can be challenging. Each site is different, each business has its own security challenges, and each company has its own operational concerns.

AES provides turnkey integrated security solutions based on a multi-layered security model. A multi-layered model considers site design, access control, detection and response alerting integrated via a command center which processes connected systems and raises appropriate alarms based on security policy. An integrated command system can also interface with facility systems such as fire protection, HVAC and lift systems and business operational systems such as time and attendance monitoring.

Based on client requirements AES engineers will assess current security of the site and design an integrated security solution that will provide the appropriate level of protection to support site operations. 


• AIA Sathorn Tower
• Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre
• S-OASIS Office Building
• Spring Tower
• Thonburi Phanich Group– Mercedes-Benz
• Unilever House
• WHA Tower

Education Integrated Security Solutions - Protecting Our Future Leaders


• Vattanac Capital