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Intergrated Security Solutions

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Financial Integrated Security Solutions - Protecting Your Business and Assets - AES-Group 2023

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Seismic and Structural Monitoring Systems

AES Group provides integrated, turnkey security solutions, services, and equipment

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Security Systems Integration | Unifying Your Protection | AES-Group 2023

More Than 30 Years Of Committed Hands-On Experience


Delivering high-level customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of AES Group.

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South East Asia's Leader in Turnkey, Integrated Security Solutions

AES Group has provided turnkey integrated security solutions, services, and equipment to a wide range of global industries and facilities, for more than 30 years.

The AES Group employs a team of highly competent industry experts and engineers to equip a diverse pool of clients with integrated, turnkey security services. AES meets distinct corporate needs and industry standards that provide for first-rate customer satisfaction.

Sectors We Serve


Running a commercial business can be challenging. Each site is different, each business has its own security challenges, and AES is here to provide a security solution to match your needs.


We know that the Government sector has its own requirements. Our intergrated security solutions can provide for the rigours of Government testing and public scrutiny.

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AES Group works with your financial institution to create and implement a comprehensive integrated security solution that meets all of your security concerns and demands.

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Solution Providers

Always delivering high-level customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of the AES Group.

AES delivers turnkey Integrated Security Solutions to ensure our clients’ security requirements throughout Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar are met. We’re a dedicated partner with industry leading experience and expertise in system design, project management, installation, documentation, commissioning, integration, training, and post-sales support.

Integrated Security Solutions | Protecting Your Business and Assets | AES-Group 2023

The AES Teams

We are a group of dedicated, hardworking problem solvers. Here to provide, high-quality industry standards and old-fashioned customer service you can trust.