X-Ray Inspection

American Science & Engineering X-Ray Inspection Systems

AES represents American Science & Engineering, the leading supplier of industrial X-ray inspection systems.

Superior, Proprietary Technologies
Z® Backscatter technology - only available from the American Science & Engineering - provides photo-like X-ray images revealing the threats that competitive systems miss, such as explosives, plastic weapons, and drugs.

Highest Detection Capability in the Industry
AS&E X-ray inspection systems combine advanced detection technologies - Z Backscatter, Transmission, Shaped Energy (high-energy transmission), and Radioactive Threat Detection - providing customers with the highest level of detection available.

Solving Inspection Problems
AS&E supplies X-ray inspection systems that can inspect Cargo and Vehicles; Mail, Parcels and Baggage; or Personnel. AES and AS&E combine to customize the installation and implementation of each system, integrating it into existing security procedures. This "solutions approach" to selling is the hallmark of AES and AS&E's collaboration.


AS&E X-ray inspection systems are providing security for mailrooms, ports, border crossings, airports, military installations, and other facilities around the world where effective threat and contraband detection is critical. The products are well engineered, utilizing highly advanced proprietary technology to provide unparalleled detection capabilities.

AS&E's line of Mail, Parcel, and Baggage Inspection (ParcelSearch™) systems offers varying tunnel sizes and configurations to fit specific application and inspection environments. Compact X-ray units screen smaller items, including mail and briefcases; while larger, open-tunnel systems inspect oversized baggage and small cargo.

The systems for Cargo and Vehicle Inspection (CargoSearch™) - available in mobile, relocatable, and fixed-site configurations - can be customized to meet specific inspection requirements and integrated into existing security operations. CargoSearch systems are ideal for inspecting cars, vans and trucks, as well as palletized cargo, and air and sea cargo containers. AS&E's Radioactive Threat Detection (RTD) technology is an option for some of these systems.

AS&E also offers Personnel Screening products (BodySearch™) to find threats and contraband on people - safely and effectively.