Kinemetrics STS-2


The STS-2 is a portable, high performing, very broad band triaxial seismometer.
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Kinemetrics SS-1


The SS-1 Ranger Seismometer, widely recognized as an excellent short-period field seismometer, is the terrestrial version of the "lunar seismometer."
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Kinemetrics FBA-23DH


The FBA-23DH is a spring-mass borehole accelerometer that uses capacitance transduction and electromagnet feelback.
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Kinemetrics SBEPI (Shallow Borehole EpiSensor)

SBEPI (Shallow Borehole EpiSensor)

Model SBEPI (Shallow Borehole EpiSensor) is a cost effective triaxial downhole package useful for shallow borehole installations.
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Kinemetrics HypoSensor


FBA ES-DH is a triaxial downhole package useful for deep borehole instations that uses EpiSensor technology.
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Kinemetrics EpiSensor ES-U2

EpiSensor ES-U2

The ES-U2 is a force balance accelerometer with a uni-axial surface package designed for structural engineering applications.
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Kinemetrics EpiSensor ES-T

EpiSensor ES-T

The FBA ES-T is a triaxial surface package that consists of three EpiSensor force balance accelerometer modules--useful for many types of earthquake recording applications.
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Kinemetrics FBA-3


The FBA-3 Force Balance Accelerometer is a high-sensitivity, low-frequency triaxial device suitable for a variety of seismic and structural applications.
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EpiSensor Datasheet (PDF)117.65 KB
SS-1 Datasheet (PDF)880.77 KB
STS-2 Datasheet (PDF)167.39 KB