Kinemetrics Digital Recorders

Kinemetrics Granite


First Product of ROCK Family of Digital Multi-channel Data Acquisition Systems. This instrument offers high dynamic range for up to 36 channels with exemplary timing accuracy and spectral purity.
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Kinemetrics Dolomite


The Dolomite is a highly flexible, full-featured Central Recording System populated with IP based Granite Data Acquisition units and accessories to support up to 36 channels, triggered or continuous recording, and sampling rates up to 2000 sps.
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Kinemetrics Basalt


High Dynamic Range, IP Aware, Communication Centric Accelerograph or Multi-channel Recorder with internal Episensor. The next evolution in Kinemetrics Strong Motion Instrumentation offers exceptional high dynamic range with exemplary timing accuracy.
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Kinemetrics Etna


The Etna is a cost-effective Strong Motion Accelerograph designed to meet a wide range of earthquake monitoring applications.
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Kinemetrics Q330HR


The Q330HR sets a new standard, requiring 26-bit resolution to fully represent its dynamic range while remaining 100% compatible with our Q330.
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Kinemetrics Q330


The Q330 is an advanced, IP based, ultra-low power and high resolution remote seismic system that incorporates Quanterra's patented broadband technology. With optional PB44 Packet Baler, a field-ready high capacity recording system, Q330 and PB44 support a wide range of earthquake monitoring configurations.
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Kinemetrics Q330S


The Q330S is an advanced , high resolution and low-power seismic system that incorporates Quanterra's proven broadband technology. It utilizes both TCP/IP and UDP/IP networking technology and comes supplied with up to two super rugged field removable USB thumb drives rated for operation from -45 to +75C. These thumb drives are field hot swappable.
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Kinemetrics Packet Baler 44 (PB44 Field)

Packet Baler 44 (PB44 Field)

The Quanterra PB44 Packet Baler is a modular, field-ready high-capacity recording system for the Quanterra Q330 line of broadband data acquisition systems. Supplied with two super rugged field removable USB thumb drives rated for operation from -45 to +75C. The thumb drives do not require special software to read files: Linux, Solaris, MS Windows or Mac OS.
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