Perimeter Security

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AES offers complete perimeter security solutions to meet a wide range of specialised requirements. PowerFence™ systems are available in both the multi-zone Trophy and the single zone Medal ranges, both fully integrated with Gallagher Command Center. These are available in standalone, retrofit or Walltop systems.

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PowerFence™ systems deter and detect attack. Attack is deterred through sending a regulated electric pulse around the PowerFence™ approximately every second. These pulses give a short, but safe shock, making it impossible to climb the fence. The fence also detects attack, differentiating between serious breaches of the fence and disturbances caused by wildlife, birds or weather conditions.

PowerFence™ perimeter security solutions are totally integrated packages that provide all the components needed for a secure fence, including a choice of wires and accessories suited to your requirements. The PowerFence™ is a horizontal array of wires spaced less than 100mm apart and mounted on insulators, connected to support posts which, in turn, are generally mounted behind an existing perimeter fence. The bottom wire of the PowerFence™ is about 100mm above ground, roof or wall level to stop squirming, and the top wire is more than 600 mm above the top of the physical fence to stop climbing. The construction of each system is tailored to meet individual needs.