IP Cameras


Due to their performance and flexibility, IP cameras have quickly replaced analog cameras in almost all surveillance system applications. While analog cameras require a coaxial cable to be home-run back to the DVR, an IP camera can be connected to the nearest part of the site network. This flexibility translates into an initial cost savings for installation labor and materials and also allows the system to be easily reconfigured in the future.

In addition, most IP cameras support Power over Ethernet (PoE), allowing the camera to be powered through the ethernet cable connecting it to the IP network. Using PoE simplifies wiring and makes it easy to deploy backup power for the entire CCTV system - Rather than installing seperate battery backup units at each camera location, a PoE ethernet switch can be connected to a single Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) to provide power in the event of a blackout.


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AES launched the IPVisions brand in 2008 in order to provide customers a high quality but still cost effective option for IP cameras. The camera hardware and software are customized to AES' specifications, and the entire IPVisions product line is fully integrated with Aimetis Symphony.
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