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Aimetis Symphony is an award winning video management and analytics software platform for analog and network cameras. With an open, standards-based architecture as its foundation, combined with the world’s best analytics, Aimetis Symphony provides the product roadmap to help migrate analog "record only" installations to intelligent network video for security and business intelligence.

Aimetis Symphony is an integrated video managment and video analytics paltform. Aimetis Symphony is designed to help manage large amounts of raw video data.


  • Support for analogue, network and PTZ cameras
  • Intelligent algorithms which analyze video content in real-time and push alarms as required
  • Search features which allow quick retrieval of relevant information, without manually reviewing video
  • Automated PTZ control
  • Support for Megapixel network cameras

Video Analytics

Aimetis Symphony Software, including Aimetis Symphony Server, Aimetis Symphony Explorer and Aimetis Symphony Player is the most sophisticated and reliable real-time monitoring solution on the market. It can automatically detect, track and zoom in on activity without human intervention. Aimetis Symphony is more reliable at watching multiple video sources than humans.

Events which Aimetis Symphony can automatically detect and classify include unauthorized movement in pre-defined target zones, illegally parked vehicles, perimeter breaches in high risk areas and more. Aimetis Symphony is based on proprietary tracking algorithms that work in adverse weather conditions, lighting changes and shadows to isolate potential threats and limits nuisance alarms. Aimetis Symphony sees instantly, filters extraneous data and delivers clear information in the blink of an eye.

Scalable Aimetis Symphony™ Architecture

Sample site configurations

Gallagher Command Centre Integration

Gallagher Command Center allows the integration of 3rd party digital video solutions with the security access system. In the event of a security alarm a CCTV window will pop-up on the computer providing real-time video surveillance of the alarm location. The video clip of the alarm is associated with the Gallagher database so that when the alarm event is reviewed at a later date the video clip will automatically be displayed with this event.

AES utilizes Aimetis Symphony video management and analytics software for integration with the Gallagher System.

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