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Long range vehicle identification from distances up to 10 meters (33 feet) even when a vehicle is traveling at high speed. The vehicle based tags are mounted to either in the windshield of the vehicle or on the exterior of the vehicle itself in order to identify a vehicle over long range without the need to come to stop. The system requires line of sight between the tag and the reader. TRANSIT readers are installed facing in the direction where the vehicle needs to be identified. Using a secure algorithm, the tag ID is decoded and transmitted to the host system. The identification beam of the reader is a directed lobe.


  • Integration of Gallagher personnel access cards (125Khz or Mifare)
  • Read range up to 10m (33 feet)
  • Object speed up to 200 km/h [125 mph]
  • Adjustable read range shape and distance
  • Driver based AVI tags offer fast, convenient and secure vehicle access for authorized drivers. This solution ensures that a vehicle can never leave, or get access to a secured area unless occupied by an authorized driver.

Applications include convenient vehicle access to parking facilities or vehicle access gates without the need to come to stop. Moreover our AVI system facilitates reduced congestion and improved efficiency for industrial applications such as automated truck weighing scales, waste management and yard management.

Integration with Gallagher Command Centre

Gallagher Security Management Systems and Nedap AVI have developed a Gallagher enabled variant of Nedap’s long range automatic vehicle identification (AVI) system. The integration enables driver and vehicle identification and access control to be managed and monitored via Gallagher Command Centre, the central control server of the Gallagher Command Centre system. The Nedap AVI system provides long range vehicle and driver identification.

A driver based vehicle AVI tag consists of a Nedap Prox- or Smartcard-Booster, and a Gallagher personnel access card. The Booster is an in-vehicle card reader mounted behind the windshield, which amplifies the reading range of the inserted access card at ranges up to 10 meters [33 ft]. This allows Gallagher Command Centre cards to activate a barrier or open a gate just prior to the time a vehicle arrives. The Booster device acts as the lock and the Gallagher building access card as the key. Removal of the ID is ensured as the card is required for building access. Once the driver leaves the vehicle, only the Booster remains in the vehicle. The Booster itself can not activate a barrier or open a gate.

The Prox- or Smartcard-Booster also contains an embedded vehicle ID, enabling the driver to be immediately matched with the vehicle within Gallagher Command Centre. Vehicle only or driver only tags/boosters are also available.

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