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The Gallagher Field Controllers support a range of GBUS devices to provide cost effective configuration options. In addition to security requirements, the devices can be used to monitor inputs and control outputs to meet other requirements such as temperature monitoring.

8-Input Expansion Interface

The Gallagher 8-Input Expansion board is an input monitoring panel containing 8 balanced inputs. It is normally used as an input panel for intruder alarms.

Cardax FT 8-Input Expansion Interface

I/O Expansion Interface

The Gallagher I/O Expansion Interface is an input monitoring and output control panel containing 8 balanced inputs and 4 relay outputs. It is normally used for intruder alarms, however it can also provide I/O for up to 2 doors.

Cardax FT I/O Expansion Interface

High Density I/O Expansion Interface

The Gallagher I/O Expansion Interface provides connections for up to 16 balanced inputs and 16 relay outputs.

Cardax FT High Density Expansion Interface

Universal Reader Interface (URI)

Cardax FT Universal Reader Interface (URI)

The Gallagher GBUS Universal Reader Interface provides an interface for up to 2 doors to the Gallagher system.

Connections are provided for:

  • 8 inputs
  • 2 outputs
  • 2 Cardax IV readers (125, Mifare, TIRIS and Swipe Series) using 4-core cable or 1 Wiegand reader using 6-core cable.

Ideal for retrofits, the Gallagher GBUS Universal Reader Interface, when configured in conjunction with the Gallager Controller 5000GL, will deliver a cost effective solution for sites using daisy-chained door wiring.

Remote Arming Terminal (RAT)

Cardax FT Remote Arming Terminal (RAT)

Installed within the protected alarm zone, the Gallagher Remote Arming Terminal allows users to monitor, arm (set) and disarm (unset)various alarm zones (areas of the intruder alarm system).

As a GBUS device, the Gallagher Remote Arming Terminal is supported by both the Gallagher Controllers 3000 and 5000GL. Each Gallagher Remote Arming Terminal can control up to 30 alarm zones and up to 100 inputs located on any Gallagher Controller (Controller 3000 or 5000GL) residing on the same network.

Users are assigned privileges to perform functions such as arm, disarm, or isolate alarm zones (individually or all at once), and view/acknowledge alarms. Secure logon is provided through entering a user code on the keypad, or alternatively using a Gallagher reader in conjunction with the Gallagher Remote Arming Terminal.

Also available in Charcoal.

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