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The Gallagher Controllers are intelligent field controllers, programmed to make access control and intruder alarm decisions in the field, independent of the Gallagher Command Center. This means in the event of network communications being disrupted, security is maintained on site.

Providing flexible configuration options to meet specific site requirements, Gallagher Controllers:

  • Support peer-to-peer communications with any Gallagher Controller over a LAN/WAN for the purposes of monitoring, back-up, and control independent of the Command Centre
  • Communicate with the Gallagher Command Centre using TCP/IP, a world standard network and Internet transmission protocol, over an Ethernet network
  • Support downloadable code for software upgrades.

Controller 3000

Gallagher Controller 3000

The Gallagher Controller 3000 is specifically designed to support access controlled doors and integrated intruder alarms. There are two variants, the Gallagher Controller 3000-8R and the Gallagher Controller 3000-4R. The Gallagher Controller 3000-8R has on-board connections for (with variations for the Gallagher Controller 3000-4R shown in brackets):

  • 8 (4) Gallagher reader or 4 (2) Wiegand format readers
  • 16 (8) balanced inputs and 8 (4) relay outputs
  • One GBUS port to support:
    • 8 GBUS I/O devices (including GBUS Universal Reader Interfaces), and
    • 4 Gallagher Remote Arming Terminals, and
    • 8 PowerFence Trophy FT Fence Controllers

Controller 5000GL

Cardax FT Controller 5000GL

The Gallagher Controller 5000GL is a flexible field controller that supports both GBUS and LOCAL BUS devices. Because this Controller does not incorporate on-board reader connections it provides a cost-effective solution where 'alarms-only' is required. It also supports access control through configuration with expansion devices that incorporate reader connections such as the Gallagher Reader I/O Interface and the Gallagher Universal Reader Interface (both LOCAL BUS devices), and the Gallagher GBUS Universal Reader Interface. On-board connections are provided for:

  • One GBUS port to support:
    • 8 GBUS I/O devices (including GBUS Universal Reader Interfaces), and
    • 4 Gallagher Remote Arming Terminals, and
    • 8 PowerFence? Trophy FT Fence Controllers
  • One LOCAL BUS port (with two channels):
    • to support 16 LOCAL BUS devices, or
    • to convert to a second GBUS port
  • 4 balanced inputs
  • 1 relay output
  • The Gallagher Dialer 5000GL to support dial-up communications with Gallagher Command Centre directly or via the Internet.
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