Gallagher Command Center

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Gallagher Command Centre is the central management tool for the Gallagher access control system. The software is powerful, catering for a versatile feature set. The system has a number of features, including those that provide the ability to integrate third party systems.

Cardax Command Centre

As the central access control server, Gallagher Command Centre is both powerful and flexible, to handle the most complex, or the most straightforward of systems.

As a scalable system, Gallagher Command Centre server options are available, based on door capacity (16, 64, 128, 256, or an unrestricted number of doors).

Gallagher Command Centre provides interfacing capability using XML for cardholder data and OPC for event data. This means other systems, whether they be security or other applications can share information with Gallagher Command Centre.


  • Cardholder and Scheduled XML Import
  • DVR Interface
  • Challenge
  • Intercom High Level Interface
  • Elevator High Level Interface
  • Cardholder Enrollment Wizard

Optional Features:

Challenge Datasheet174.42 KB
Intercom Interface Datasheet242.42 KB
Elevator Interface Datasheet870.78 KB
Cardholder Enrollment Wizard Datasheet146.37 KB
Visitor Management Datasheet665.11 KB
Software Interfaces Datasheet330.17 KB
Photo ID Datasheet296.73 KB
Powerfence Integration Datasheet677.46 KB
Command Centre Datasheet962.53 KB
Command Center Interface Tools (API)359.5 KB