Gallagher Command Center Access Control Systems

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The Gallagher access control system provides both flexibility and scalability enabling the security access system to be easily integrated with other facility systems and expanded to meet a company's growing needs.

Gallagher system has been designed from the ground up to cater for the needs of all types of security access requirements. Gallagher communications is encrypted and designed to use minimal network bandwidth enabling the system to be connected to existing corporate LAN and WAN networks.

Residing on an organization's IT network, Gallagher stores information about cardholders, and the site and system activity using robust industry standard storage via Microsoft SQL Server database.

The Gallagher graphical interface software provides site plans, and graphical icons for the monitoring of the facility. When integrated with other building systems, i.e. the fire alarm system, the Gallagher Graphical interface will provide both an audible and visual alarm on the Gallagher Command Center workstation displaying the exact location of the alarm.

The Gallagher Command Center system, provides full control over where, and when, staff, visitors or vehicles can move at all times.

Gallagher Command Center integrates all types of readers including:

  • Contactless Smart Cards
  • Biometric Readers - Fingerprint, Hand Geometry and Iris readers
  • Proximity Cards
  • HID

Cards can be modified instantly to allow or cancel authorized access to any secure area, add new staff, allowed access based on schedule and/or zones. Gallagher Command Center can produce reports and audit trails of all movements.

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