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World Leader in Real-Time Seismic Monitoring System Sets Sights on Thai Expansion


The world leader of cutting-edge seismic monitoring and public safety systems, Kinemetrics Inc., it is to increase it focus on the Thai market in an effort to install the world’s most interconnected early warning system to monitor and detect earthquakes and Tsunamis.

By connecting to the hundreds of seismic early warning stations throughout the world, Kinemetrics real-time monitoring system, named Aspen, is able to detect earthquakes in real-time wherever they occur, giving vital extra seconds to populations. This network includes one of the largest seismic networks in operation, IRIS, which is operated by the United States Geological Survey organization and has seismic stations in more than 30 countries.

“Recent events have shown that there is an urgent need for an early warning system in countries throughout the region, that allows seismic data to be shared between countries within the region and other systems around the world,” commented Henny Beeber, Engineering Director of AES Group Ltd., and Kinemetrics Representative in Thailand. The key to effective detection of earthquakes is the ability to monitor activity not purely in a country’s immediate geographical area, but around the globe as well. An earthquake has massive after effects that can affect multiple continents thousands of miles away as demonstrated in December.”

The increased focus in Thailand follows the announcement by the Thai Meteorology Department that it will issue a 100 million Baht tender for a National Seismic Monitoring Project. While the tender was cancelled in February while specifications were altered, it is expected to be re-issued in the coming months.

“There is an urgent demand in Thailand to develop early warning systems now,” added Beeber. “We are unsure of the details surrounding the unexpected cancellation of the tender in February, but we look forward to having the opportunity to illustrate how Kinemetrics can help install a state-of-the-art system. We have the expertise and experience in this filed, and we are ready to get started.”

An early warning system in Thailand will have two core elements. Firstly, a Seismic Detection Network has to be established that detects, measures and determines the location of a Seismic occurrence. Based on this data seismologists can make an educated guess on the likelihood of a tsunami.

Secondly, a DART Buoy (Deep Ocean Assessment and Reporting of Tsunamis) will need to be installed to detect rapid changes in the level of the ocean, confirming the presence of a Tsunami. At present, there is a plan to install a series of these buoys in the Indian ocean, expected to be funded by the US and other international countries. Since Tsunamis travel at approximately 700 KM/Hr, this system typically provides less warning time that the seismic system, depending on the location of the buoys, but provides absolute verification of the presence of a Tsunami.

The newest real-time national seismic network in the region has been installed in Malaysia using the Kinemetrics Aspen Solution and Antelope seismic software package. Other countries using the Kinemetric seismic system in the region include US, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Germany and Russia.

Kinemetrics’ instruments are used to monitor the seismic safety of many of the world’s most famous structures, including New York’s Statue of Liberty, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, Egypt’s Sphinx, Athens’ Parthenon and India’s Taj Mahal.


Kinemetrics is the world leader in seismic monitoring and early warning systems. For over thirty-five years, Kinemetrics is being used in more than 90 countries and has been creating products for monitoring bridges, dams, structures, seismic arrays and networks, as well as systems for the nuclear power industry. Over 5,000 seismic data channels around the world can be connected to the Aspen system, making Kinemetrics the most interconnected, global network of monitoring systems.