AES and Kinemetrics Featured in Pattaya Mail

US company to expand earthquake monitoring in Thailand


A leading US seismic monitoring company is preparing to expand its operations to Thailand in anticipation of the government opening up bidding for a comprehensive earthquake warning system.

Henny Beeber, the engineering director of AES Group, who represents the California-based Kinemetrics Inc. in Thailand, said that the US company was poised to expand into Thailand as the bidding for the project got underway.

Although the Meteorological Department initially said that it would open up bidding for the 100 million baht project in February, it later retracted its announcement, saying that some of the specifications would need to be altered before the bidding process could begin.

Real time seismic monitoring projects offered by Kinemetrics Inc. can immediately detect seismic movements, and are connected to advance monitoring systems in several hundreds of locations across the world.

This would allow considerable time for a warning to be issued to the population, a factor considered crucial in the wake of the December 26, in which over 5,000 people were killed in Thailand alone.

The Kinemetrics network also includes the US Geological Survey, and is among the largest networks of its kind in the world.

Beeber said that the December tsunami highlighted the urgent need for an advance warning system across the region.

A monitoring station in Thailand would provide information for experts to make credible predictions of seismic movements, while deep-sea buoys would provide additional data. (TNA)