Key Events


1993-2002Security Systems Marketing and Engineering Consulting for Cardax Security Systems
1993-presentRoyal Thai Air Force - Source and Supply of Spare Parts for the Directorate of Communications, Armament and Electronics
1994-1995Rama IX Bridge real-time Structural Monitoring Project, contract value 5 million Baht.
1995RTAF Executive Information System, (YIT Prime, AES design and project manager)
1995-presentRTAF F-5 Fire Control Radar Systems Upgrade and Sparing. Total sales to date of 6 million USD.

Maintenance sales and service support for Rama IX Bridge Seismic/Structural Monitoring system.
1997Peninsula Plaza Helicopter Pad Structural Evaluation Project
1998RTN 30 Meter Patrol Craft Communications System Project (Australian Submarine Corp. prime contractor for manufacture of Patrol Craft), contract value 869,700 USD.
1999-2002Hong Kong Police Patrol Boat - System design, Integration and Support for the Communications and Navigation Systems. Installation of Internal Communication System.








ETA Rama IX Bridge 10 Year Inspection includes structural analysis and upgrade of real-time structural/Seismic monitoring system. Contract value 28 million Baht.

STT-Nation Security System - Design, Supply, Installation, Integration and Support for Integrated Security Access and CCTV system for their Data Center

Fast Patrol Boat Project - Consulting Services for System design, Integration and Support of the Communications, Navigation and Fire Control Systems. 

Royal Thai Navy Offshore Patrol Vessel- Contracted by Australian Submarine Corp to provide consulting Services for the proposal effort on the system design, integration and support of the Communications, Navigation and Fire Control Systems. 

AES appointed representative for BAE Systems for sales of IFF and Display equipment to the Thai Military. 

Hutchinson Multimedia - Design, Supply, Installation, Integration and Support for Integrated LAN based Security Access and CCTV system for their two Data Center. 

Bank of Thailand - Design, Supply, Installation, Integration and Support for Integrated CCTV and Electric Fence for BOT Mint. 

Yip In Tsoi transfers Master Distributorship for Cardax Security Systems to AES 

On-going sales of spares and electronic equipment to the RTAF for the F-5 aircraft and RTADS. Contract for 2002-2003 total 1.6 million USD.

AES appointed master distributor of Kinemetrics Seismic and Structural Equipment in Thailand.

Security System Projects - Awarded security system contracts for multinational companies including, Coca-Cola, 7-11, Heineken and Toyota.  

Bank of Thailand Security System - Awarded contracts for the design, installation and support of an integrated security access system for three divisions of BOT - Thailand Note printing, Ink Plant and Note Issuing Division. Equipment installed in more than 10 provinces. Total sales to date, 22 million Baht. Expected sales over next 12 months, additional 40 million Baht.

Royal Thai Police Mobile X-ray System - Joint Project with Yip In Tsoi in the sale of 4 Mobile X-ray Inspection Systems to the Narcotics Suppression Division of the Royal Thai Police. Contract included in-country training and warrantee maintenance support for the X-ray vehicles by AES. Trucks delivered in and accepted October 2004. Total contract value 183 million Baht.

Sales of Kinemetrics Seismic monitoring equipment to EGAT and Royal Irrigation Department. 

Awarded contracts to provide an integrated Cardax Card Access and SmartSight LAN-based CCTV system to DZ Thailand for their new and existing factory. Contract value to date 7.4 million Baht. 

Expansion of the Bank of Thailand security network including an integrated LAN based Security Access and Digital CCTV system. Security Access system includes over 300 smart card readers distributed throughout Thailand at more than a dozen locations.